• Adrián Oropeza

    Drummer and Composer

Festivals and Concerts

Out forthcoming concerts

  • Festival Internacional de Jazz

    Festival Internacional de Jazz

    15th to 22th July 2016
  • Jazztival 2016

    Jazztival 2016

    Adrián Oropeza Trío
    Morelia, Michoacan
  • FIMU de Belfort

    FIMU de Belfort

    30 Edition Fimu de Belfort
  • 5to Festival Internacional de Jazz, Hidalgo 2015

    5to Festival Internacional de Jazz, Hidalgo 2015

    Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de México
    A love Electric
    Auditorio Gota de Plata

    Hidalgo Travel

  • The Jazz Foundation

    The Jazz Foundation

    Adrián Oropeza Tríoz
    Una mezcla homogénea de
    Folclor y Jazz
  • Jazztival 2015

    Jazztival 2015

    26 al 28 de Marzo
    Edición 13
    Claustro Mayor de la Casa de la Cultura de Morelia


My musical work


The album contains eight tracks
four of the authorship of the drummer
Adrián Oropeza and the other four Mexican compositions


Composed of 11 songs
combining colors and musical textures
giving rise to very significant issues of identity Mexican


Amaneceres means a new beginning
the beginning of a cycle which may arise
you feelings of peace , wholeness with your own self and the encounter with oneself

Complete Discography